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5,000 acre year round hunting lease located in the Big Buck country of South Texas. In extreme southern Atascosa County on the northern boundary of the McMullen County line.

The ranch has been under game management for 16 years and has been under the same family ownership since 1934. Located on the north bank of the San Miguel creek, three creeks, the Lagunillas, Macho, & the Live Oak merge on the ranch, making it a wildlife paradise. Plenty of good roads. 12 ponds & tanks. 2 are stocked with bass & catfish. County road access.

Approximately 16 miles of fence, 12-13 of which are deer proofed. Large neighbors that are all under game management. Lots of virgin native brush with a perfect mixture of Big buck, dove, & quail habitat.



The ranch will be shown by appointment only and a decision will be made when a suitable tenant is found. A long term tenant is desired on these properties. We feel that a long term tenant will be more conservation-minded and hunt more responsibly. We believe that the security in the knowledge that the lease will be available and the tenant will reap 100% of the future benefits associated with game management, feeding, habitat enhancement, and harvest discipline is more conducive to attracting the kind of tenant we want. This is NOT a bid process. We are much more interested in getting a suitable tenant than getting the most monetary consideration. We have been managing hunting properties since 1979 and have rarely taken the highest offer. The price will be per acre or flat fee and is negotiable. The highest bidder will not necessarily be awarded the lease(s). Weighty consideration will be given to any proposed improvements, permanent structures, and range/water improvements.

The intent of the lessor is to find a suitable long-term tenant with an aim to manage the existing game and habitat to the fullest extent that is reasonable. A game management plan will be implemented in detail to preserve and enhance the value of the game on the properties.

A $1,000,000 liability insurance policy will be required of the lessee naming the owners/managers as additionally insured.

The lease does not have a price "per se". In the past 16 years, the consideration for the lease has been $100,000 annually plus improvements. In the interest of honesty and time conservation; and in light of recent improvements, deer herd quality, and other factors we feel confident that any proposal under $100,000 is UNLIKELY to be successful. We think the successful proposal is likely to be in the neighborhood of $100,000-$125,000 annually.

This property is NOT for sale.

The lessor, as a matter of family custom, retains hunting rights for his immediate family and guests anytime with reasonable notice. In the past 26 years this "family right to hunt" has been exercised 4 times. Once, our home town coach killed a doe. In the three other instances, one of our teenage daughters killed a spike and two management bucks. The lessor ranches over 40,000 acres statewide in 9 Counties, mostly in South Texas. Included are 7,000 acres of which the hunting has been managed by the lessor in addition to the acreage described on this site.

The same right to hunt is in force on these additional properties as well.

Response is by e-mail only. Interested, qualified parties will be shown the property by appointment.